About VT3


Vamos T3nnis Academy
Tennis Academy In The Woodlands, Texas

We Believe ALL of our Players HAVE to focus on:

Awareness, Quality Decision Making, Personal Growth and not only Technique, Fitness and Tactics.

That is the reason why we are the Best Tennis Academy Around.

We Believe The Pursuit Of Personal Excellence is Key for all of us. The rest are details.


What sets us apart from the rest?

We are HONEST regarding player's performance and we encourage them to be the best they can be.

We really CARE about all of our players.

We truly LOVE the sport of tennis.

We Intend to HELP students become Outstanding Players and Remarkable Human Beings.

We based our program and the relationships between players, parents, and coaches on RESPECT.


VamosT3nnis has been created to help players enhance the following 3 main components in their T3nnis game:

1) Technical Abilities

2) Physical Abilities

3) Mental Abilities

VT3 is a program developed by The Casares Falconi Family.






"We have been delighted with the VT3 Tennis Program in The Woodlands. Our 11 year old son has been training for over 2 years and the quality of instruction has been outstanding. Jose and Galo are dedicated pros who have the credentials at the professional level but understand that youth tennis is about positive attitude, enthusiastic energy and a willingness to learn."


"VamosT3nnis has improved my game tenfold. I feel myself becoming stronger and working harder both on and off court. Coach Jose has taught me not only techniques for tennis, but also lessons that apply to my game and to my life. He and Coach Galo have taught me that to be a good tennis player, you have to be strong mentally and physically. I feel more confident and ready to compete ever since I joined VamosT3nnis."



Our Philosophy is based in the fact that T3nnis is “More than a Sport”

In our point of view, T3nnis is very similar or exactly the same as our lives.

During our life as individual human beings, we have to face many difficulties, overcome obstacles, mature based on our good and bad experiences, improve as human beings all by ourselves but with the guidance of our parents, family members, friends and in this case, our T3nnis coaches.

Everyday we have to make decisions by ourselves in and outside of a T3nnis Court.

All of our decisions will change the outcome of our personal and professional lives.
All of our decisions will change the outcome of our tennis matches and our tennis career when we are inside and outside a t3nnis court.


"To Make Sure all of our Players Become Excellent Tennis Players and Outstanding Human Beings"

Sportsmanship, Respect and Maturity are a MUST inside our training classes for all tennis levels and ages.

For us, it does NOT make any sense to be a National Ranked, Super Champ, Champ or ZAT Tennis player if you do not behave correctly inside and/or outside the T3nnis court.